Although it may not seem important – selecting a hair salon is quite essential. If you make a mistake and choose the wrong salon – you would have made a big step you will regret. Although it can be hard, there are ways to tell whether a salon is good enough. We at Hairnow know we are, and have some things to keep in mind when choosing a new salon.

Hairnow provide specialised colouring work with top quality precision cutting for the entire family. Our team of 8 senior fully qualified stylist consists of blonde Specialist for all hair types Balayage / Foiling / Tinting / Grey hair / Highlights and also Asian hair. We have hair extension professionals and straightening experts. Keratin and conditioning treatment masters and you’ll find the best hairdressers for short hair, curly, straight, fine, thick or long – All our team are true professionals with many years behind them. You can feel confident that our talented professionals have amazing skills and really know what they are doing.


You want to look for a salon that has a great location maybe close to home. You don’t want to drive an hour, and you do want convenient parking but remember, if you find a great stylist, it’s worth the drive

Front of Salon Appearance

First impressions are everything. You want to go somewhere that has flair and style, but is clean and tidy.

Quality of Service

You definitely want someone who is professional and knows the latest trends, but meets your requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

A good way to see what others are saying is by researching on the internet, and reading customer comments and reviews. Also, remember word of mouth is the best advertisement, so see what others are saying.

Personality of Staff

Are the staff pleasant? Do they greet you with a smile? Do you feel like you can connect with your stylist? Do you feel welcome? Do they anticipate you needs?

Appearance of Stylist

What are they wearing? What does their hair look like? Are they fashionable in makeup and accessories?

Do They Sell Products?

Do you see a wide range of exciting retail that is trending and that your stylist is endorsing? Do they have a wide range of products that are new on the market for dry and damaged hair?

Can they answer my questions?

Do they appear knowledgeable and can answer any queries with confidence?

What type of shampoo will help with dry scalp?

What conditioning treatments can I use at home?

Why is my hair so greasy?

My hair is very fine, what products can I use to thicken it up?

Help, I would like my dry and frizzy  hair to be shiny and straight, can you help?

How can I change my dark hair to blonde?

What hairstyle will suit my faceshape?

What is a normal amount of hair to lose every day?

 What is the main Clientele like?

Does the salon’s clientele reflect your values, style, and fashion outlook?

Keep all these things in mind when checking out a new salon. And remember a good salon will always welcome you and give you a fabulous consultation. At Hairnow we pride ourselves on being able to tick all these requirements, and we strive to exceed all your expectations.